Meson de JesusThe Beast and The Good Samaritan

Everyone who visits the Mission’s Mesón de Jesús (adult dining room), located directly across the street from the train tracks, is struck by the murals painted on the building by a local artist. A formidable looking train is depicted with people under its wheels. The train is real and known as La Bestia (The Beast); so are the people falling under the wheels because they no longer have the strength to hold on. The train literally drops desperate migrants onto our doorstep. They come from all over Central and South America. They also come from the North and are trying to make their way back home. Some of these brave people are fleeing from drug violence and unspeakable atrocities!

One woman came to our door with five young daughters. Her husband was killed by a drug lord and she feared for their lives. They were traumatized, exhausted, sick, hungry, thirsty and lost. Of course, we would not turn them away even if it meant that “our own” poor might eat a little less which they would joyfully do.

That is the spirit of the people served by Casa Franciscana. We provided food, shelter, medical care and comfort to the family as we do for many.

Five Young Daughters The mother worked at the Mesón until more permanent work was found. The children were signed up for school. The family moved out of the Mission shelter and rented a home. Although they lost their father, through the efforts of the Mission, they are safe, functioning on their own, and the children have a chance to escape a life of poverty.

This is only one of the migrant stories. They continue to cross the train tracks coming to us for aid. When Jesus was asked “Who is my neighbor?”, He gave us the parable of the Good Samaritan. Clearly, these migrants are our neighbors and, through your generosity, we are their Good Samaritans. As fellow human beings and as Christians, we can do no less.

- Paz y Bien

Smile for the Mission!Smile for the Mission!

Amazon, the online giant, created a special program to contribute to the charities chosen by its customers. Casa Franciscana Outreach is one of the listed charities!! Amazon, the online giant, created a special program to contribute to the charities chosen by its customers. Casa Franciscana Outreach is one of the listed charities!!

The program is called AmazonSmile. It is a simple and automatic way for you to support the Casa Franciscana Mission every time you shop with no cost to you. When you make a purchase at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the price to help support the Mission’s programs.

We hope that you will consider signing up for this program as another way to make the path walked by our brothers and sisters in Guaymas easier. Also, every time you shop at please say a prayer for the Casa Franciscana Mission.

The CFO is a Non-Profit Corporation, founded in the early 1980's. It is ministry under the direction of the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara, Oakland, CA. An all volunteer organization, the Outreach is rooted in the principles, traditions and philosophies of the Franciscan Order.

Its sole purpose is to provide financial support for the Casa Franciscana Mission in Guaymas. As an entity of the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara, the Outreach is the U.S. link to the Guaymas Mission. Through the Outreach, benefactors are able to provide financial support for the Guaymas Mission, and in-turn receive a tax deduction for their generosity.

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