Education: A Necessity for a Life of Dignity
In Mexico, nearly free public schooling is provided through the 9th grade. But for the very poor helped by CFO, they need love, food, clothing, and medical care to even attend elementary school. Thus, CFO has a program, funded by your contributions, that helps these children get the essentials of life so they can attend school. However, they can not continue their education past the 9th grade without paying a tuition charge that currently averages about $350/year for grades 10-12 and about $500/year for advanced vocational education or college. These scholarships fulfill one of the greatest dreams of these children.

The tuition charge for schooling past the 9th grade makes it impossible for poor children to continue their education without tuition scholarships. Further, the lack of education for a marketable skill essentially dooms the poor to a continuing life of poverty. Thus, CFO has begun an educational scholarship program to allow promising but impoverished students to continue their education through high school, vocational school, and even college for select students who have the aptitude for college. Such education, at least through high school/vocational school, is essential to prepare them to earn a living with dignity in their own country.

What can you do?
First, prayer. We ask that you consider adding the poor of Guaymas as well as the Guaymas Mission and its Friars, workers, volunteers, and activities to your prayers. The miraculous progress made by the mission to date shows that the Holy Spirit is guiding the efforts there.

Second, a donation, if you are able. We ask that you consider a donation to help support the CFO Scholarship Program for High School/Vocational School (previously referred to as Prepa). A donation of any amount is gratefully accepted.

Third, will my help really make a difference? Yes! We know there are thousands of success stories, and we are beginning to document those that we can. At this time, we can tell you that many of the children who were supported in elementary school have continued on to college, and some now have successful careers in Mexico.

Fourth, questions or ideas. You may have questions about the CFO Scholarship Program, or you may have ideas about how to better help these deserving children in Guaymas. In either case, please contact us.

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Without an education and access to jobs, there really is no solution to endemic poverty.

  • $175 supports a high school student
    for one-half year
  • $250 supports a college student
    for one-half year
  • $350 supports a high school student
    for a full year
  • $500 supports a college student
    for a full year