Who is Saving Who?Who is Saving Who?
It's strange that in our western culture we strive to live-forever, and we deny that one day we will pass from this life. But truly, our home is with the Father. Someday we will meet there and the Father will ask what we did with our lives and how did we serve our brothers and sisters.

And that is when these children's love will shine, for they will surround us and tell the Father, "These people loved me when I was poor. They fed me, they clothed me, they gave me love and hope".


The Beauty of God is Everywhere!The Beauty of God is Everywhere!
Finding the beauty here in Guaymas while walking with those whose lives are filled with pain, brought on by the evil of poverty, is my gift from the Holy Spirit. Offering them hope in their despair, a moment of rest for those passing through, bringing some comfort to those in pain, and most importantly, just walking with them - even when at times all I can do is cry - is a reminder of why the Father made me a missionary.

To open our eyes and see God's beauty when others see pain and despair, is Francis' gift to his brothers and sisters who follow him  —  You and me together!

The CFO is a Non-Profit Corporation, founded in the early 1980's. It is ministry under the direction of the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara, Oakland, CA. An all volunteer organization, the Outreach is rooted in the principles, traditions and philosophies of the Franciscan Order.

Its sole purpose is to provide financial support for the Casa Franciscana Mission in Guaymas. As an entity of the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara, the Outreach is the U.S. link to the Guaymas Mission. Through the Outreach, benefactors are able to provide financial support for the Guaymas Mission, and in-turn receive a tax deduction for their generosity.

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With your help, we are making the changes that bring brighter futures to families in need. For all of us, it is our cause, our ministry, and our dream for the children of Guaymas!