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St. Francis, in instructing the brothers and sisters of the third Order Regular of St. Francis tells them that The Lord has sent them so that "they may give witness by word and work to His voice". Volunteerism, in the Franciscan tradition, is the practice of serving freely out of love.

Casa Franciscana Outreach is comprised of volunteers. From around the country, people volunteer within their parishes and social groups to raise money to support the Mission´s education, food, and health care programs. Doctors and Dentists volunteer to provide their services at the Mission´s Clinics.

Rev. Sherman Orr has, for thirteen years, brought Newman University students from Wichita, KS to the Mission where, for four days, they work repairing a roof, painting, or even building an outhouse if needed, to make life a little easier for families in poverty. Rev. Orr says that the student's joy, though difficult to describe, is an acute awareness of words of a loving Father resounding in their ears: "Well done, good and faithful servant."

The Father never asks about our careers, what our homes are like, nor the details of our finances. In a whisper; through our thoughts and dreams, He calls to each of us, "love one another as I love you". His love has no boundaries. Together, we hear His call and simply say &Yes, Father, I come to serve."

Many ask how they can volunteer at the Mission.
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