Imagine Children Without Shoes

My dear sisters and brothers ,

SHOESImagine never having a pair of shoes or imagine sharing shoes with siblings to take turns going to school!! 

During COVID, our Casa Franciscana Mission buildings were shut down; so we took our ministries directly to the people. We discovered even more children deprived of education due to not having shoes to attend class.

Last year you opened your hearts AND opened a path out of poverty for 1,086 children by funding shoes and the opportunity to go to school. That is the equivalent of 121 baseball teams!!

Yes, we Franciscans are known as Master Beggars. So once again, I am asking for your generosity to buy shoes for children. You know from your own families how quickly children outgrow and wear out shoes! I wish that you could see the joy of a child having his first pair of new shoes. What a simple blessing to provide!

Our team is physically going out to the camps and neighborhoods measuring feet and accommodating sizes. Although these feet are tinier, in some ways, it reminds me of Christ washing the feet of his beloved disciples.

 Twenty dollars ($20) will allow us to provide a pair of new shoes that fit properly.   

I have seen the Holy Spirit work through you and that you do not take your own blessings for granted. Please do whatever you can to help make a difference.  As I pray for the poor, I also pray in thanksgiving for you.  Christ will surely smile on you for bringing smiles to his children.    

Peace and all good, good                                                                                                                                              

Fr. Martin Ibarra, OFM

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