Successful heart surgery gives Esperanza hope

Esperanza (her name means hope) is sleepy after the ten hour all night drive from Guaymas in a crowded van. 

Soon after she was born, a heart defect was discovered.  Some say it was miracle that Casa Franciscana was able to get her to Phoenix where the good Shriner doctors from Utah were holding a clinic. 

With the collaboration of the CFO, the Shriners and the Maricopa County Medical Center (now Valley Health) the complicated arrangements were made to transfer her to the Shriners’ Hospital in California where she underwent successful heart surgery. 

Now Esperanza returns to the Shriners’ clinic in Phoenix for periodic monitoring but is otherwise leading the life of a normal four year old.  Her favorite things about the Shriners’ visits are the fun toys, tv programs, movies, coloring books and treats at the host family homes – yes, she sounds like a normal four year old!

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