What is a good day in Guaymas?

April 19 th , the Casa Franciscana Outreach board traveled by the night bus to the Mission in Guaymas.
Each year we make the trip to meet with our Mexican counterparts (duel boards are required to satisfy
the nonprofit status on both sides of the border). We also visit the programs to see first- hand what is
happening and to assist in the strategic planning process. A highlight of the trip is that we invite
employees to the guesthouse for an informal “getting to know you”. All are always so willing to share
and clearly show their dedication to the people they serve. It is actually a humbling experience for us.

This time we had the opportunity to become better acquainted with Armando, one of the social
workers. With his permission, we are sharing his story. Armando told us that he grew up in an abusive
household. It wasn’t until he met his future wife that he realized not all families hurt each other,
physically and emotionally. With her help, the help of her family and God’s grace, he was able to break
the cycle of abuse.

Today, he has two sweet daughters and loves his work with the Mission where he is
able to give back as a way of thanking God for his many blessings. When asked “What is a good day for
you?” Armando replied that every day is a good day because he has an amazing family and a job serving
God. Spending time with Armando and the other staff members made it a good day for us!

Also, while at the Mission, guised as a team building exercise, the board painted the walls around the
friary. There is more painting to be done along with other tasks.

If you are interested in helping, join
our service mission November 8th to November 11th. For information and to register go to
www.casafranciscanaoutreach.org or email casafranciscabaoutreach@gmail.com. You never know
what God has planned for you in Guaymas. Casa Franciscana changes the lives of more than the poor.

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