Tree of Life


Our Franciscan charism provides a model for how we treat all others as if they are
“Christ in disguise.”

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The Franciscan Tree of Life project which we lovingly refer to as FTOL came about from our observation that this mission is similar to a beautiful tree that thanks to over 50 years of nurturing, bears good fruit and provides shelter and protection for all who are near it.

Who We Serve:

  • Children / At Risk Youth
  • Single Mothers / Widows
  • Incapacitated / Home Bound
  • Elderly
  • Migrant Families
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What We Offer :

  • Nutritional Assistance
  • Medical / Dental Care
  • Vocational / Educational
  • Spiritual / Emotional
  • Shelter/ Housing Repair

CFO Fundraising 

Established in 1988 as a 501(c)(3) and with the help of our generous donors, Casa Franciscana Outreach’s goal is to raise approximately $250,000 a year in order to support all of our staff and ministries.


Shoe Drive

Because children cannot go to school without proper shoes, each year we identify hundreds of local children and families in need. Our mission provides on average, 600 pairs of shoes for each upcoming school year.


“Mesón De Jesus”

Community Dining Hall

Rosario and her family are regular guests of ours at the Mesón de Jesus which translates into the "Table of Christ." We provide roughly 55,000 hot meals, which are lovingly prepared and distributed. As you can tell by the containers on the table, our guests are welcome to take portions home to share with loved ones and others in need.

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Comedor Infantil San Benito

Children’s Dining Hall

The Mesón de Niños accommodates school-aged children between 4-12 years old and provides warm meals after school that are better suited to the nutritional needs of younger children. Aracely, "Cheli" as the kids call her says her main goal is to feed vulnerable children of our community in a “safe and loving environment.”

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Migrant / Respite Care


A three-night stay is provided to individuals and families who have been traveling or for unforeseen circumstances need to stay in a safe shelter due to violence, injury or abuse. Each Saturday, we also offer migrants like Jose access to a private shower, haircuts, shaving supplies and a clean change of clothes. Jose had been traveling for over two months looking for employment.


Clinica San Francisco de Asís

Community Clinic & Pharmacy

The clinic is staffed by a full-time nurse and volunteer doctors and dentists. We also provide dermatology, gynecology, psychological and counseling services weekly.  All services and medications are provided free of charge. Vaccination campaigns are carried out in coordination with the Guaymas General Hospital.


Housing Repair 

Families in the community are selected by our Social Worker for special assistance in repairing or reinforcing their homes.  Maria and her husband received a new tin roof to waterproof their small home. During the rainy season, several leaks in their bedroom prevented them from getting any sleep. Many homes are currently built with found materials such as cardboard, plastic, reclaimed tin and even blankets.

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Dental Care

Adults and children like Mateo are seen for cleanings, extractions and general care.  In addition they are provided with the necessary medicine and oral treatments prescribed.  Patients who require surgery are referred to several clinics in the community that have agreed to provide care to our referred patients at little or no cost.

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Food Box Delivery

Monthly food box deliveries are made to frail and elderly people who find it nearly impossible to pick up food and visit the Mesón. Doña Guadalupe is standing insider her home's doorway waiting to receive a monthly "despensa." She cares for her daughter sho is severely epileptic and frequent seizures. A food box typically contains a bag of rice, tomato sauce, dry beans, oil, sugar, evaporated milk and a few fresh items if available. The cost for one food box is less than 130 pesos which about $5.73 depending on the exchange rate.

old women

Medical Visits for Shut-ins

We distribute adult diapers, medication, hydration aids and in-home medical visits for people who are sick and homebound. Supplies such as canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs are provided when available, to people with mobility issues. We also provide the sacrament of Holy Communion and pastoral support upon request.

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Taller Santa Clara de Asís

Saint Clare of Assisi Workshop

Single mothers and widows can enroll in a year long course and learn to design and create jewelry and religious items. We use local raw materials such as shells, beads and easily sourced items in the region. Several seafood restaurants have agreed to donate their used shells, rather than discarding them as garbage. One main objective is to help our students integrate into a more financially secure life and gain the skills and ability to support their families. Ultimately, they learn to care and support one another and discover solidarity.

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Shriners Hospital Visits

This program consists of transporting approximately 10 disabled children by van to Phoenix, in order to receive specialized medical treatment at no cost. The children are accompanied by a parent or guardian and our staff. Franciscan Renewal Center parishioners volunteer to host a family for one night so the children can rest and recover before they continue on their journey home the following day.

youth center

Denise Nagel Youth Center 

About 30 at-risk adolescents come after school each day to learn computer competencies, receive help with homework, participate in counseling, join in sports and have fun with various learning activities. in poor neighborhoods completion of “secundaria” which is equivalent to middle school can be as low as 14%. Our goal is to increase that to 80% amongst youth center participants.

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Service Pilgrimage Groups

Groups travel regularly from the Franciscan Renewal Center to be part of a missionary experience. During the 4-day stay, they see first-hand the programs we offer are blessed by being face-to-face with our brothers and sisters in Mexico. If you are interested in registering for our next Service Pilgrimage, click here.

Practicing healthy distance while waiting for food box

Disaster Relief

In times of disaster such as hurricanes, the famous 2015 typhoon and now the coronavirus, the Mission is the only place many of the marginalized population have to turn for assistance. The Casa Franciscana staff continually demonstrates dedication and ingenuity in providing emergency services during unexpected and tragic time like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Spiritual Sponsorship

Our annual January appeal at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise Valley AZ is our single largest fundraiser. You can Spiritually Sponsor a child from Guaymas for a suggested yearly donation of $150 ($12.50 recurring monthly gift).

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Thank you! 

If you would like to become a member of our $25 monthly recurring "Legacy Donor" group and learn more about where your money "GROWS" please please visit: