What on Earth Are You Doing for Earth Day

St. Francis was known for his love of nature and he had a deep commitment to the care of creation. Some consider him the original Earth Day advocate. There are many stories of his friendship with animals including the wild wolf of Gubbio. While we are not recommending that you attempt to befriend a wild wolf, we are suggesting that you do something to observe Earth Day.

You could buy and plant a tree (we planted 30 at the Mission) or take a day to pick up trash in the desert or switch to renewable energy or decrease your water usage or all of these. While you are contemplating what your role and responsibility is or will be, here is a bold but easy suggestion that has demonstrated amazing outcomes. In 2022, 12 home gardens were funded by the Casa Franciscana Mission.  We witnessed the harvesting of vegetables that DID lead to improved diets and the pride of accomplishment that went with them. Some were able to share vegetables with neighbors.  One man grew enough to sell the extra and help to support his family.

The bold suggestion is to open your wallets or use your mobile phone which you probably have with you and donate to the Mission’s care for creation projects like the home gardens. It is not only a simple way for you to observe Earth Day but a way to give honor and praise to God for providing us with this beautiful Mother Earth. Shouldn’t EVERY day be Earth Day?

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