Our Role in Injustice


Dear Sisters and Brothers

May the Lord give you peace.

I am writing this open letter as a fellow Roman Catholic since I am assuming that because of our faith tradition we hold certain truths in common, that we are all deeply loved unconditionally by God, that we all have a complete dignity that recognizes we are made in the image and likeness of God, that all of us are truly brothers and sisters to each other.  We seek the common good.  This letter while addressed to those of my faith tradition, is also offered to believers of other traditions and to nonbelievers in the hope that we may all be in dialogue.

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Going Beyond the Credibly Accused


The tragedy of child sexual abuse continues to challenge the moral fabric of our society. Recent events have heightened the scrutiny of what is being done by the Catholic Church to protect children, and to segregate and monitor the activities of those who have been credibly accused of past abuse. The Province of St. Barbara has experienced these tragedies first hand, and victims continue to receive our care and prayers in the healing process.  For the Province’s position, please go the following site: