Help Us Send Children to School

Jul 17, 2019

My dear brothers and sisters,

Meet Geraldo, he would like to be one of only 62% of children who go on to secondaria school (7th grade).

Each year I reach out to you for shoes to help to send the children in the poor neighborhoods of Guaymas to school.  Each year you answer my prayers.  Children cannot go to school without shoes and we need your compassion.

Imagine the heartache of parents who cannot afford to feed their families making the choice between food or shoes!  Yet food cannot provide a way out of the daily crushing burden experienced by the poor.   One of the few paths is education.

Last year with your love and generosity we were able to buy shoes for 635 children.  They have now outgrown and worn out those shoes.  Smaller children are also read

y for the opportunity to attend school.   As many of you prepare to send your own children and grandchildren back to school, please put their faces on a shoeless child standing outside of a shack of mattress frames and corregated metal and cardboard.

Reflect what Jesus would expect of you.  Use this opportunity to involve your own children or other family members in helping these girls and boys who were born into poverty.

Twenty dollars ($20) will allow us to provide a voucher to a child to purchase shoes that fit properly and to wear to school.

I have seen your big hearts and I have seen the Holy Spirit work through you.  I know that you will not take your own blessings for granted and will do whatever you can to help make a difference.  As I pray for the poor, I also pray in thanksgiving for you.  Please, pray for us and the people we serve, especially the children.

Peace and all good,

Fr. Tommy