Earth Day: Are You Sharing Your Bounty

In August 2022, we wrote to you about the first harvest of the home gardens in Guaymas funded and mentored by the Casa Franciscana Outreach. There are now ten gardens with accessible water tanks! The families are not only enjoying fresh healthy vegetables and the pride of growing them but they are sharing their bounty with neighbors! Some have a large enough yield to sell for a small income.

On this Earth Day, how are you sharing your bounty? It may be like our Guaymas brothers and sisters by sharing the abundance of your garden. Perhaps, it is sharing your time and labor by volunteering at a food bank or participating in other nonprofit activities. It may be by donating to the Casa Franciscana Mission or other service organizations.

St Francis observed Earth Day every day and was named the patron saint of ecology by Pope John Paul II.  One of the Franciscan values is “care for creation”. In honor of St. Francis and by caring for creation you can grow in your “ecological conscious”.  Look for ways to conserve water and electricity. Cut down on trips with gas powered cars (walk more). Reduce plastic use, especially water bottles! Be aware of the waste that you generate. Plant a tree. Instill these habits in your children.

On this Earth Day do something to observe this special time whether it is sharing your bounty or caring for creation or both. If you honor Mother Earth, our heavenly Father will surely reward you.

Wishing you peace and all good!

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