Shriners International and Casa Franciscana Partnership

In 1984 the intrepid and visionary Brother Ivo came to the Casa Franciscana Mission.   His heart was moved by the many children he saw with disabilities who had no mobility aids and no resources.   These limitations often relegated the little innocents to a future life of begging.  With his knack for solving problems, his outstanding organizational skills, his talent for building relationships and his prayers to the Holy Spirit Br. Ivo was able to create a partnership with Shriners International.

"Our guests didn't speak any English and we didn't speak any Spanish.  However, the spirit of Franciscanism engulfed our home every hour they were there.  There wasn't one moment of discomfort. We received much more than we gave.  No home is to small - or too big - to host members of our Franciscan family from Guaymas."

Kathy and Doug Olesen.

Stories from the Road


After several X-rays and other tests, the child was given a special pair of shoes made for her with the one heel elevated to accommodate her disability.

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It was difficult for his family to care for him with his misshapen legs.  After treatment through the Shriners, he is able to walk with lightweight braces.

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With the help of the CFO, the complicated arrangements were made to transfer her to the hospital where she underwent successful surgery.

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