48,179 Meals Served

Mesón de Jesús

If there was NO Christmas, there would be NO Casa Franciscana Mission. If there was NO Casa Franciscana Mission, last year our poor sisters and brothers would have gone without: ✓ 48,179 meals served in our Mesón de Jesús (table of Jesus, the adult dining room) and Saturday showers – a luxury for those with…

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What if there had been NO Christmas?

My dear brothers and sisters, One of the late Senator John McCain’s prisoner of war experiences was shared in memorializing him. It was Christmas Eve and he had been tortured. His hands and feet were tightly bound with course rope. The pain was excruciating and with no circulation, he would have lost his hands and…

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Prayer for our Nation’s Election’s

Prayer for our Nation’s Election We thank You, Lord, for the opportunity that the upcoming election puts before us, to exercise our solemn duty not only to vote, But to encourage others to vote. We pray that Your people realize that while politics is not their salvation, their response to You requires that they be conscientious caring citizens. Awaken Your…

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