The COVID Forgotten Ones

As we celebrate the transitus of St. Francis October 3rd, both Fr. Tommy and I are, in a way going through a transitus, change from one life to another.  While at the Casa Franciscana in Guaymas, Tommy developed a calling for the people of Honduras.  He listened to their stories and saw the circumstances of the migrants from that country seeking shelter at our Mission.  Consequently, I returned, at least temporarily, to Guaymas easing his departure.

Among my new duties is dealing with the effects of COVID-19.  Venturing into our already marginalized neighborhoods, there were horrific scenes of our poor elderly left in filth and neglect – forgotten onesOne woman was alone, dying of cancer.  We provided a small AC unit, medicine and food.   We found another elderly man living in an unsustainable situation of abandonment.  Ignoring our own safety,  we cleaned him; changed his bed; brought medicine, nutrional food, mobility devices and spiritual care. Then we found Esperanza who cried when we came; we were the only ones who had visted her.

My heart is heavy from seeing the results of such poverty.  So I am reaching out to you to help us to help the forgotten ones. They deserve some comfort in their final years.  In addition to their direct needs, we need to protect our staff.  This requires personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, gowns, disposable bags, cleaning supplies – all are at a premium.   

I am asking you for twenty-five dollars ($25) to allow us to continue.  

Donations can be made online:


send to PO Box 15576,Scottsdale, AZ 85267

Let us show these lonely aged that God has not forgotten them.  Surely, God will not forget you at the time of your transitus for doing whatever you can to help them.  As I pray for the poor, I also pray in thanksgiving for you.  Please, pray  for the people we serve and for the protection of our staff in this ministry. 

Peace and all good,

Fr. Martin Ibarra, OFM


  1. Don & Janie Reese on September 27, 2020 at 3:48 pm

    We Volunteer in Honduras… Would like to hear from Fr. Tommy about his mission work there and how we can support. Awesome work and God Bless the sick & the elderly.

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