CFO Pilots Scholarship Program

Education is one of the few paths out of poverty for the marginalized children served by the Mission. While the Mexican government adopted education for grades 1-12, the new federalism gave states the obligation to manage schools. In some of the poorer areas, only 43.5% of 15 years of age have completed primary school. While “tuition” is free, a registration fee, books and school supplies are not making attending school unattainable when you are poor.

The CFO, through your donations, distributed 1,000 backpacks with school supplies.  The more exciting news is that we also funded registration, books and school supplies for 10 middle school and 10 high school students giving them the opportunity to continue their education.  The pilot program goals are:

  1. To increase the school completion rate of underprivileged children;
  2. To promote improvement of grades and learning ;
  3. To instill responsibility in students and the Christian value of helping others by volunteering at the Mission 3 hours per week.

The measures of success are that a minimum of 80% of scholarship students will:

  1. receive passing marks that are either level 9 or improved from former grades;
  2. move onto the next grade;
  3. embrace helping others by fulfilling three hours of volunteer requirements.

Two of these teens are the daughters of Sabina, the young mother who died of pancreatic cancer and featured in our Christmas newsletter.  The Mission promised Sabina to help her children continue school.  This is one example of the “circle of life” that we see at Casa Franciscana. 

Education is for improving lives of others and leaving the world better than you found it: Marian Wright Edelman.  Please help to improve a small part of the world by opening you hearts and checkbooks (or charge cards, venmo, zelle, stock returns etc.) to help fund scholarships, books and school supplies.  Make this a part of your Easter observance and a way of giving thanks for your own blessings.

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