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Coronavirus in Guaymas

The situation related to COVID-19 is extremely dynamic in Guaymas and the Mexican government is starting to take protective measures – work from home, businesses shut down for a period of time, canceled school and no large group gatherings.

Based upon the current conditions, the Casa Franciscana leadership team is dramatically reducing our services for the protection of the friars, staff and those that we serve until the end of the month. To address the most basic needs, once a day a small four-person team will provide “to go” bags of food and bottled water at our main Meson.

We are discovering that this needed action is more expensive than our usual meal distribution system.  Also, as the small neighborhood bodegas (stores often in homes) run out of food, our brothers and sisters with meager means have no other source.  So, we anticipate the need to continue to grow and will do our best to support the needs of the community.  

In the past, you have always answered our prayers for help and opened your hearts.  Once again, we are asking for your humanity as each of us deal with the pandemic within our families and communities.  Here, in our poor neighborhoods (barrios), the Casa Franciscana is the only lifeline – there won’t be any other support or celebrity fundraisers to assist.  Please do ANYTHING that you are able to provide comfort and hope in this catastrophic time and pray for us as we pray for you.  We are in this together.

Peace and health,

Fr. Tommy King, OFM

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