Denise Nagel Youth Center Turns One

Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday) to our Denise Nagel Youth Center!! Located in the barrio called Fatima, it is now celebrating one year since the doors opened February 22, 2019.  A big event will be the Youth Center’s first soccer

game complete with uniforms!!  About 30 young people come after school each day to learn computer competences, receive help with homework, participate in counseling sessions, join in sports and have fun with “scientific”

experiments.  Only 62% of children in Mexico complete secondaria school which is 6th to 9th grades.  In the poorer areas, such as Fatima it can be as low as 14%.   Cost is a big reason.One of the goals of the YC is to increase this

number to 80% of the teens that participate in the programs will complete secondaria school and all will have the opportunity to go onto high school and college. The Mission recently became a scholarship AC, the Mexican

equivalent of a 501(C)3 in the U.S. to support this outcome.  Both the CFO and Mexican boards are jointly working to study the barriers for school completion and strategies to overcome them including scholarships.  Another strategy

is the implementation of the dynamic PX2 program for young adults.  It helps them see that the beliefs they hold about themselves as learners and individuals has a profound effect on how much of their potential they will

eventually realize. They see that they do have choices and that they can take more control and can create good things to happen in their lives if they want to! Congratulations, Denise Nagel Youth Center Team!!

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