Every Child Should Have Shoes

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Meet Araceli; she is one of the thousands of children in Mexico who have NEVER had shoes.  In the winter her little feet are cold and in the summer she scurries across the hot gravel and dirt and trash.

This sweet child wants to go to school.  Even though it is uncertain when the schools in Mexico will reopen due to COVID; she and the other children cannot go to school without shoes (a requirement).  As one of our donors said “Every child should have shoes…”.   

Last year, you provided shoes for 1,032 children.   God bless you for caring and knowing that education is the main road out of poverty.  Do you see your child or your grandchild or the Christ child in Araceli’s little face?

Twenty dollars ($20) will allow us to provide a pair of new shoes that fit properly when navigating those treacherous paths and to be ready when school opens.   Donations can be made online at:  

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SEND TO PO Box 15576, Scottsdale, AZ 85267

I have seen your big hearts and I have seen the Holy Spirit work through you.  I know that you will not take your own blessings for granted and will do whatever you can to help make a difference.  As I pray for the poor, I also pray in thanksgiving for you.  Please, pray for us and the people we serve, especially the children.

Peace and all good,        

Fr. Martin

Father Martin Ibarra, OFM

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