Men Chosen by The Holy Spirit?

A heartfelt thank you to Kevin Gralen who, after six years on the CFO Board and five years as president, is leaving us.  Kevin brought a special spirituality to the board with his ultimate example of living the Gospel – service to others.  In his words:  In one of the impoverished areas of the world, the services of the Mission deliver hope and faith that are unexplainable and inspirational. During his tenure, Kevin’s accomplishments are many but perhaps the “jewel in his crown” is the planning and development of the Denise Nagel Youth Center.  He, almost single handedly, raised start up and three years operational funds for this needed program.  He also modernized our digital capabilities allowing our message to reach more sisters and brothers.  His humor energized us and built a strong spirit of camaraderie amongst board members.

Replacing Kevin is Francisco Lopez.  Some of you know him from the pilgrimages to Guaymas that he led with George Sabol.  Francisco tells us: The genuine exchange of love, gratitude and joy that I’ve experienced while visiting Guaymas has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to follow the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi.  I knew instantly that I was called to support this Mission.

The Holy Spirit continues to bless the Casa Franciscana Outreach family by sending us two very special people to carry out the Mission’s works.  Both Kevin and Francisco would like to thank you for your support toward their vision of improving the lot of the destitute in Guaymas, MX.

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