Parents Caring about Parents

When people are asked “what would you take if you were forced to quickly evacuate your home?” the answer is always family photos. But imagine not having any! This is the situation of many of the poor that the Casa Franciscana Mission serves.

Frequently, as our team distributes shoes, they take pictures of the children which we share with you in our newsletters and letters. The parents and the children, themselves, are always excited to see them! We hear their stories about not having any pictures of the children as babies and growing up.

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of M.J. and Kevin Gralen, a photocopier using a smart phone was purchased with 1,000 sheets of photo quality paper. Now, a picture of each child receiving a pair of shoes will be given to the family.

As we approach Fathers’ Day, what a perfect gift for a father who may have never had a gift  – at least one lasting memory of a precious child.

Mil gracias, M.J. and Kevin, for your big hearts and for caring about children and their parents!!

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