An Anonymous Grant to Bring Technology to the Poor

During COVID, with schools closed, the children of the poor were excluded from any form of instruction since they lacked all needed technology (tv, computers, internet and, in some cases, electricity). The Mission staff conceived a pilot project to address these impediments and we are very blessed to have it funded by a private Catholic foundation that wishes to remain anonymous. 

The plan is to select 20 student, grades 1-6, from the poorest areas and distribute computers loaded with the grade curriculum and assignments of the Mexican government. Other resource materials such as math tutoring and encyclopedia computer programs will be added to prevent reliance on the internet.  For those that do not have electricity, computer charging will be accommodated.

High level Mission staff will provide computer training and assure competence with basic functions.  The next steps are to begin the assigned curricula for each child, monitor the students’ progress and the use of the computers. Additional monitoring and tutoring will be done with the assistance of local teachers. Needed school supplies (books, paper, pens, etc.), shoes and backpacks will also be provided.

Managing this program is no easy task with the distances for staff to travel; dealing with the student family issues of illiteracy, lack of basic necessities, health and other problems.  Yes, the safekeeping of the computers is tenuous.  However, with the ability of the Mission staff to win trust and promote the importance of literacy, we rely on the wisdom of our good St Francis who said: Start by doing what is necessary then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible Please pray to St. Francis and to the Holy Spirit for the success of this project.

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