Angels All Around Us

Christmas and angels go together.  The final touch of the Christmas tree is often the angel on the top.  Yet, I’ve met angels in the disguise of ordinary people.  One was Sabina, the mother of 12 and 14 year old daughters.  We discovered her during our external ministry into the barrios.  She was in unbearable pain suffering from pancreatic cancer.  Sandra, one of our angels on the Mission staff, was able to arrange for Sabina, to receive chemotherapy in Hermosillo, two hours away.  Other staff members went door to door to raise money to offset the costs of the trips and treatment.  They knocked and every door opened no matter how poor.

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I had the honor of bringing Sabina to Hermosillo for treatments and to witness the return of some quality of life for her.  We walked the journey with her as she was told that the chemotherapy was no longer working.  We were with her during her deterioration, bringing, food, medicine and prayers and had the joy of being with our brave warrior the day before her death. It was a very special moment for all present as I blessed her for the last time.  I will always remember the smile on her face.   Her life has been an inexhaustible source of deeper meaning; reminding us of what is truly important – to love and care for each other.

After celebrating a simple funeral at her home, our Mission staff angels pledged to continue to watch over her daughters. Our youth center made it possible for them to resume their studies since they had stopped to take care of their mother. Today, they continue to receive tutoring and psychological therapy through the center and food boxes.

The work of the staff and other resources would not have happened without you, our special angels.  Please continue to share your blessings for others like Sabina.  Thank you and pray for our ministry.   

Peace and all good for this special season of love,

Fr. Martin Ibarra, OFM

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