Casa Franciscana Featured in International Magazine

Photo by Rick Rusch: San Xavier Mission Tucson, AZ on the way to Casa Franciscana, Guaymas, MX

Eclair is an international magazine about celebrities, fashion, art and beauty . So how did the article, Humanitarian  Travel: A Journey of Impact and Hope (Volume 41 Issue 184) , about the Casa Franciscana Mission happen to be included in it?! Perhaps it was the work of the Holy Spirit that led professional photographer, Rick Rusch, to join a Casa Franciscana Service Pilgrimage to Guaymas,MX where he found a life changing experience. He visited the medical/dental clinic, dining rooms and migrant shelter. He also witnessed the educational support at the youth center and helped to deliver food packages to the home-bound.

In Rick’s words: (his) heart was overwhelmed with profound emotions. The result was that he wants to live a fuller life of gratitude, generosity, compassion and passionate hope. As also included in the article: he is moving on a new set of exploring human needs as way to cultivate his own spiritual growth and to spread the word about basic human needs… It was a humbling experience to accompany the Mission workers as they made their rounds to deliver basic necessities… What Rick saw in their eyes was appreciation and hope…the impact that even a small act of kindness can have on people living in poverty.

If you are looking for a similar experience, the next service pilgrimage to the Mission is October 2-5, 2023 for more information and to sign up go to the home page then to service pilgrimage.

Keep the poor, the Mission workers and our pilgrims in your prayers.

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