Easter is upon us, do not forget those less fortunate

My dear sisters and brothers,

One of the differences between Guaymas, MX and many of the places in the United States is that the poor, not the rich, live in the foothills.  Why?  The answer is simple; because there is little or no water or electricity or trash removal brought up into the hills.  The “roads” are dirt and gravel.

In the hills are the faces of the poor elderly, the sick and the disabled.  They are too old or too young or too weak to work.  They are physically unable to come to our dining rooms for food or to our medical clinics or other services.   Each month our friars, social workers and nurse carry boxes with life sustaining food and some hygiene items to these suffering people.  Each visit brings smiles, comfort and the knowledge that God has not forgotten them.   During this holy Lenten season, please help us to continue to help them.


What a meaningful spiritual practice to begin or to continue if you participated last year!  For $40 or whatever you are able to give, a box can be delivered with food, hygiene items and in some cases, medicine.  I invite you to live the love of God by service to the poor. Also, please pray daily for them and for the people who minister to them.

Lenten blessings,

Fr. Tommy, OFM

Director, Casa Franciscana Mission


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