Embracing Franciscan Values at Work

Volunteer CFO board member, Francisco López, traveled 20 hours to provide leadership training to the supervisory staff at the Casa Franciscana Mission in Guaymas.   Francisco tells us that it was clear that each team member sees his or her job not as a job but as a calling.   The commitment is to being the best that they can be.  After first reflecting on God’s many blessings in 2018, the discussion went to how good leaders listen.  One way to facilitate this is by allowing all employees to evaluate their supervisors.  A true role model, Fr. Tommy also asked to be evaluated by all who report to him.

A very fruitful conversation on how to embrace the Franciscan values in the workplace followed.   They decided to feature a Franciscan value each month (such as respecting the unique dignity of each person) and honor an employee who exhibited that value at a simple monthly breakfast. That’s a great idea for all of us to concentrate on a specific Franciscan value each month!!

The Franciscan Values

                               dignity of the individual

                               peace and justice


                               responsible stewardship

Francisco agreed to come back in six months to evaluate the progress.  Three cheers to Francisco and Kevin Gralen, CFO board president who helped in the planning.  These are concrete steps toward improving how Casa Franciscana  serves the poor of Guaymas!!


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