Feeding Children with More than Food

The most heavily used service of the Mission is the dining rooms (mésons). They provide two
meals a day, six days a week. Children came and often had their only food for the day. Some
would trade off going to school to eat. Approximately five years ago, we became conscious
that it was not healthy for children to be eating with adults suffering from homelessness and
other conditions of the poor. A separate children’s dining room was established with hours
designed for after school; children do not eat in school. 

Now they come to the Méson de Niῆos, where it is safe and cheerful with an opportunity to
play with peers. They receive love and guidance from our staff member, Eva; a visit from our
nurse, Kenya, if needed and a snack to take home for the evening. Approximately 35 to 50
children eat there, five days a week. When they arrive, the first thing they do is wash their
hands. Since many do not live with running water, this is a fun activity! Friday is a light day.

Some children spend the week in Guaymas with relatives because the areas where they live are
not close to a school or parents cannot afford to feed them. They return home on weekends.

The Méson de Niños was recently blessed with a box full of colorful dollies from the amazing
organization, Dollies Making A Difference (DMAD). The children literally dove into the box with
delight since the only toys in the barrios are an occasional soccer ball. DMAD also provided the
CFO with its second grant to improve the comfort and increase the utilization of the dining
room with an air conditioner, fans, water purifier, microwave and more. The first grant helped
to upgrade pediatric dental services. Mil gracias to our friends at DMAD and to all of our
donors who help to keep the little stomachs filled in the children’s dining room. Together, we
are making a difference.

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