Giving Back: A Letter from A Donor

Feeding one of God’s little ones

Dear Father,

My parents taught me to always thank God for the blessings of having food on our table and a roof over our heads. No matter now tough things were financially, it seemed that God always provided, and those blessings were not to be taken for granted.

My late uncle, was a Maryknoll Missionary priest, and his 25 years as a missionary were spent in Central America. I grew up hearing stories about his work in Guatemala and El Salvador, the eight churches he built, and the people who were so grateful that he was there, bringing them hope, administering the  sacraments and teaching them about our loving God.

I have heard so much about your Casa Franciscana Mission in Guaymas Mexico and admire your selfless dedication to those less fortunate than we are. lt reminds me of my uncle.

I have had a successful year, financially, and would like to share some of my good fortune with the people of Guaymas, in Thanksgiving for all His blessings throughout my life.   Please use this donation wherever the need is greatest.  And God continue to bless you all.God is good! Deo gracias!                                                                                                                                                                        

Volunteers giving back

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