Fathers that Carry a Heavy Cross

Fathers That Carry A Heavy Cross

Guaymas, Mexico – The heavy cross of being a father in the ghetto is overwhelming. The average wage in the communities served by the Casa Franciscana Mission is 85 pesos (less than $5.00 U.S.) a day.  That is for those lucky enough to be employed!  Like all fathers, they just want to be able to take care of their families.


Fathers that Carry a Heavy Cross

These fathers sift through the trash for anything of value.  They also use the buckets to haul water since there is no indoor plumbing.  Many of their homes do not have a real roof to protect their families.  Many depend on the Mission dining rooms for their daily bread.   Some fathers carry their children over the rough terrain to eat in our Meson de Niño’s.  Some bring food back to their families. Every day they deal with the burdens and injustice of poverty but they never cease to find joy and love in their families!


Meson de Niño’s


At the Mission, we try to ease their burdens by helping where we can – food, medical and dental care, some employment opportunities, an occasional real shower, a bit of home repair.  This Father’s Day, join us in praying for these stoic men and, in honor of your father, help them to help their families. They ARE your brothers!


“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love. ” – Jean Vanier


Fathers that Carry a Heavy CrossFathers that Carry a Heavy Cross

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