Lenten Food Boxes for Poor & Elderly


Mission social worker delivering comfort and food to one of our elderly

My dear sisters and brothers,

Lent is the season of the year when Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting in order to grow closer to God.   When I was a child, it was also a time when we learned about almsgiving and serving others.

Now that I am a missionary, daily, I see the faces of the poor and the sick and the disabled; too old or too young or too weak to work or even to come to our dining rooms for food.  These are like the people that my childhood nickels and dimes helped.

Every month our social workers carry food boxes to the people living in the shacks served by the Casa Franciscana Mission.  Every day, we wish that we had more to give.  During this holy season, as you journey to the cross and prepare for Easter, please consider the impoverished homebound in Guaymas.  For $40 or whatever you are able to sacrifice, a food box can be delivered from you or your family.  If you would care to personalize your gift with a note, we would be happy to include it with a translation.  It will  be carried with life sustaining food and some hygiene items to your brothers and sisters in need.

What a meaningful spiritual practice to begin or to continue if you participated last year!  During Lent, we are invited to deepen our conversion to live the love of God in the Gospel tradition.  I invite you to consider participating in the Food Box Program as a way to manifest your love for Christ in your service to the poor of Guaymas.  Also, please pray daily for them and for the people who minister to them.

Lenten blessings,

Fr. Tommy, OFM

Director, Casa Franciscana Mission

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