Mission of Hope: A Family’s Story

Teresita Hernandez Uribe and her son Jesus use the Mesón de Jesús dining room regularly. Tere, as we call her, is 36 years old and she has been going to our Mesón for about eight years. She has two children, but one of them, 13-year-old Luisito, moved with his grandmother to Mazatlan because his family could not financially support two children. Her second son, Jesús Gerardo, is six years old and often comes with Tere to eat at the Mesón.

Tere and Jesus enjoy coming to the facility for their meals, but unfortunately, they can’t come every day because they live far away from the Mesón and don’t always have money for transportation. Her husband, Gerardo, is currently working but earns very little. Tere helps the family earn money by selling candy on the street. Most of that money is used to pay for her transportation.

Tere tells us that things were difficult during the pandemic. Her health was fragile and she was always afraid of going to the Mesón. She said that Jesus was often sad that they couldn’t go inside and eat at the facility, and he wanted the pandemic to end so they could come in and sit down. Thank God that now that the pandemic is under control, our brothers and sisters can finally enter. Tere and Jesus can eat more dignifiedly, sit down and wash their hands.

Eating here is a great gift for them, and taking portions home ensures they have something for dinner. They know they will always have food here, even if money is tight.

When sick, they are treated at our clinic and given everything they need, including medicine, clothes and blankets. Jesus, he is a rambunctious boy, we have known him since he was just a baby, and we have joyfully watched him grow. He proudly tells us about his progress at school, and he plays and runs around the dining room.  In the month of December, we celebrated his sixth birthday.

Everyone who enters is important at our mission, but children like Jesus have a special place in our hearts. They are truly a gift and never alone!

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