Mothers Day at the Mission

Praying for mothers on Mothers DayAs Mothers Day approaches, my thoughts turn to Mary.  Knowing the love of my own mother (one of my many blessings), my heart breaks as I think of Mary watching the suffering of her Son during the passion and not able to help Him or comfort Him.  And what unspeakable grief she must have experienced when she received His lifeless bloody body into her arms at the foot of the cross!   Next to the love of God there is probably no greater love than that of a mother.

In many ways, the mothers in the slums of Guaymas are like Mary.   They watch the suffering of their children and, because of their poverty, they are powerless.  Some of them come to our medical and dental clinics with sick children in their arms.  While we can treat many of the ailments, there are those too severe for our simple resources.  We do our best to get these beautiful children to a higher level of care but, sometimes, our own poverty is the limiting factor.

Hungry children, children with no place to sleep, children without eye glasses or hearing aids, children without warm clothes or clean clothes, children with disabilities; I watch the mothers do their best with few resources.   Those of you who house our children who come to the United States for care through Shriners’ International know their stories and tell me how amazing these mothers are as they minister to their special needs children.  They see them not as burdens but as gifts.  There is so much love here in Guaymas but also much sadness as we deal with the reality of poverty and the hardships it brings.   Please pray with me for all mothers this Mothers Day – and every day – and say a special prayer for those who are part of our Casa Franciscana community.

Peace and good,
Fr. Tommy


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