Partnership with Sky Cross

Sky Cross, founded in 1995 by Terry and Kathy Bliquez, a retired Air Force couple, is a non-profit organization with 8 board of directors.  It provides food to the very poor families in Mexico, “so parents can send their children to school rather than to beg in the streets”. The Casa Franciscana Mission is one of the fortunate direct service ministries receiving monthly contributions for food and medicines from the awesome people of Sky Cross.  Glenn Miller, a Sky Cross Director, says:

A trip into the colonias (neighborhoods) in Mexico gives you the realization as to how good we have it here.  Things we take for granted such as electricity, clean water, plumbing, a roof over our heads are all things that they yearn for there.  They are happy to have what they have no matter how little it is.  They are thankful for what we can give them.  They are thankful for their faith in God.   We give them hope most of all.” 

Thank you, Sky Cross, for your caring hearts and generosity.

There is still much work for both organizations and others with caring hearts.

“Whatever you do to the least of these brothers of mine, you do to me.” -Matthew 25:40


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