Observations from Guaymas

Each year the CFO board, travels to Guaymas.  On our recent trip, we were in awe watching the amazing Mission staff in action. Cries for help from those in need fill each day and unexpected happenings are around every corner. Their secret weapons for turning tragedy into something more manageable are patience, love and total unselfishness.

Irma, the social work who has one-year old twins and another child at home, should

4,814 food boxes carried by our social workers

have been off work. Instead, she was taking a young man to the hospital.  Like many migrants, he was riding on top of the infamous train known as La Bestia. He fell off sustaining some ugly wounds and probably serious fractures. The Mission is across the street from the railroad tracks.

We observed Joselyn, our new nurse, managing a busy clinic. She took time with a difficult patient and sincerely said to her: “I am so blessed to be with you today” as she held her dirty hands. We learned that the energetic, bubbly Cynthia, who coordinates the women’s co-op, also provides complete care for her paralyzed mother. Cynthia says that she sees the face of Jesus in her mother’s eyes. Sadly, we also cried with Teresa, the cook, at the death of her husband through a horrific worksite accident.

However, we found joy, too. Approximately 30 young people come  each day to our new Denise Nagel Youth Center in the Fatima neighborhood. They learn computer skills, receive help with homework, participate in sports and have fun with “scientific” experiments. These activities are steered by Alvaro who grew up in the orphanage started by Fray Miguel. He received a degree in criminology with an emphasis on prevention and is now “paying it forward”.

The Mission staff and the people they serve know that the main  support for Casa Franciscana comes from the folks in the United States who follow God’s command to “ love thy neighbor”. Follow our website to witness more results of the love that you send. Happy Easter!

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  1. Tere Monasi on April 19, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    GOD bless you all who are His servants, and all those who have the opportunity to go on Mission.
    We will keep you in our prayers.

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