The Food Chain in Guaymas

Meet Adolfo and his grandson.  They are among the people in the poor hills of Guaymas that receive our food boxes.  Recently, we accompanied Fr. Tommy on his delivery and found the young boy and the old man sitting on their patio.  We could not help but to chuckle at what we saw between them.  If you look at the picture, there is, literally, a pile of puppies with a chicken eating the fleas off their backs.  The food chain in action!!

The food chain is defined as a hierarchical series of organisms each dependent on the next as a source of food.  Humans are considered to be on top of the food chain.  Sadly,  not all of us share equally in the abundance.   For most of us, our biggest food worry is what is what should we buy at the supermarket.  Not so in the barrio (neighborhood) where Adolfo lives.  He and many other elderly and very young depend on the Casa Franciscana for basic staples.  We bring the beans and rice to go with the eggs supplied by his resourceful chicken.   There are no supermarkets or much money here.

During this Lenten season, thank Our Good Lord for your blessings and share what you are able with those who are lower on the food chain.  Continue, to give Fr. Tommy and the other friars the means  to carry these much needed and appreciated food boxes to the Adolfos in the hills outside of Guaymas.  This cannot happen without you.  Your heart goes with every visit.

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